The CTBs talk about the most highly anticipated day by both captains and players. December 1, the day when year-end NTRP USTA ratings are released. The emotional underlining of your rating. The appeal button. The social implications of getting moved up or moved down. A discussion, in layman’s terms, how the algorithms work in finding your tennis rating. The CTBs give out a few resources club tennis players can use to analyze what level they are playing. We wrap up with some more shout outs from our listeners!

3 comments on Year-End Ratings: You Are More Than Just a Number

  1. Rob says:

    This was a great episode, and brought a smile to my face. Amazing how these themes are so true no matter where you play. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the mention in this podcast! I’m glad you and many others find my reports interesting and useful.

  3. Kinslow says:

    After ongoing drama in leagues our Utah Tennis Association brought in the head woman for NTRP. We had great, informative seminar which you can see here on my YouTube. It is a bit long, fair warning.

    Enjoying the podcast!

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