About Us

We are the Crazy Tennis Bitches. Are you obsessed with tennis or borderline psycho about it? Whether you’re a self-declared CTB, in denial about your CTB status, married to, dating or hating a CTB… Welcome! We are Jennifer, Michelle & Vanessa. We have 1 career, 3 husbands, 6 kids and a psycho obsession with tennis. Listen to us dish about our very own CTB stories, all tennis media & current events and even your CTB stories. We play tennis together, we laugh with each other and we talk shit together….take a seat.

CTB Michelle Nipko

CTB Michelle, the tall, blond amazonian of the group….check out that wing span.


CTB Vanessa Sumner

CTB Vanessa is the diva of the group, always in the latest fashions her nick-name is ‘CoCo’…for obvious reasons.


CTB Jennifer Ozuna

Jennifer, a self described CTB, is happily married to Ed and can be found on the tennis court, carpooling 3 boys, blogging on lazyketoliving.com or doing stats for her USTA teams.